What should I bring rowing? Enthusiasm, energy and a smile! Plus a water bottle.

Do I need to have rowing experience? No. We organise rows of mixed ability so everyone has a chance to learn and improve.

What do you wear rowing? Shorts or stretch Lycra type easy dry knee length trousers/ leggings best as you may need to wade to launch and recover the boat. T shirt or vest and layers on top and a splash proof top in wet weather. Ensure that through winter months you have layers to keep warm! Club kit is available to purchase and should be worn when racing or representing the club.

What footwear should I wear? Old trainers or in cold weather long rubber boots with flat soles to minimise damage to the boat.

Do you regularly compete against other clubs? There are opportunities to train for a place in a club crew at several regattas and at the World Championships.

Do you have social events? We have several social and fundraising events throughout the year.

Is training offered? Yes – we run a squad rowing system that progresses to crews in time for the world championships. We have rowing captains that organise our on water and off water training.

How often to you row? There are rowing sessions all year on Saturday and Sunday mornings for anyone getting involved for the first time. We also run squad a crew sessions during the week and weekend.

Is there parking in Richmond? Yes, there’s a pay-per-hour car park close by on Friars Lane.

Is there parking at the Docks? Yes, there’s a car park at the Royal Albert Docks, right next to the London Regatta Centre.

Why should I join London Cornish? London Cornish is the perfect place to learn to row, improve, compete, make friends and have fun on and off the water.