Club History


  • 31st August – Launch of our first gig ‘Fury’ at the Ahoy Centre, Greenwich
  • September – ‘Fury’ is homed in Richmond whilst preparations are made in the Docks


  • 10th January – Second AGM, British Rowing HQ
  • 14th January – ‘Rhos’ arrives in Richmond after purchase from Roseland Gig Club
  • 21st January – First row of ‘Fury’ in her new home of Royal Albert Docks
  • 18th February – Attended launch of CPGA ‘Club in a Box’, Dorset
  • 1st April – ‘Seven Stars’ aka ‘Tribute’ arrived in Richmond on loan from the Cornish Pilot Gig Association as part of Club in a Box
  • 28th-29th April – Attended our 2nd World Pilot Championship on the Isles of Scilly entering 2 Men’s, 1 Ladies and 1 Super-Vets crew
  • June 2017 – Start using Eventbrite for Open Rowing Session sign-ups
  • 19th August – Launch of ”Anom’ in the Royal Albert Docks
  • 2nd September  – Our first entry to National Championships for Ladies crew
  • 14th-15th October – Three crews rowed across Scotland from Fort William to Inverness
  • 4th-5th November – First attendance at Muiden Regatta, Netherlands
  • 25th November – Launch of ‘Hurricane’ in Richmond. First pilot gig built by Patrick Bird in London.


  • January – Start of squad rowing
  • 24th January – Third AGM of the Club. Important vote by members to seek CIO status.