Well hello there you, yes we’re talking to you. You’ve either stumbled across our page by mistake (sorry!) or you’re interested in gig rowing in London? Well congrats on you either way. Welcome to the home of Cornish gig rowing in London.

A few things about us:

  • We’re the first and only gig club to be based on the Thames. Fact.
  • We’re a relatively new, friendly club and are setting up homes in east and west London.
  • We row at Richmond Bridge (West London) and the Royal Albert Docks (East London).
  • Anyone is welcome to join us for any weekly rows.
  • We’re open to everyone – don’t be confused by our name, the boats are Cornish, not all our members.
  • We are the proud owners of two wooden Cornish Pilot Gigs, called Fury and Rhos.
  • We’ve always got plans to expand and add new gigs throughout the years.
  • We take any opportunity to jump in a boat providing we can row to (or from!) a pub.
  • For those wanting competitive rowing, we can offer that too. The club enters plenty of races throughout the year and has big plans for men’s and women’s crews this year.

As to beginnings, like all good ideas, it started in a pub.

In late 2015, there were a few Cornish guys and gals sat in Covent Garden with a dream of getting to the World Champs in the Isles of Scilly. Several months later, we returned from the Scillies buoyed by a truly incredible weekend.

Days later the club’s patron, The Kernow King, helped launch the club.

Get in touch if you’d like to know more or come rowing.